Dawn brings this extraordinary intellect to her clients' benefit. She's more than their lawyer. She becomes really the first person they call. In a health care deal, Dawn's knowledge allows her to come to any project with antennae and a nuance, that in my experience is unequal. 

Corporate Counsel

Dawn is extremely effective doing transactional work. It's a complicated industry, and Dawn's figured out a way to navigate that. I work with a lot of attorneys and by far, Dawn has been the most effective and the most impressive one I've ever worked with.

Mergers & Acquisition Broker   

Dawn is always my first name when I have someone who has a health care issue. She's sharp, she's fast, and she cares about her clients. She gets right to the heart of an issue. There are lawyers that know the law, but it's the combination that's rare. Dawn can see the case from a high level, and she understands every detail. It's really a unique ability that she has.

False Claims Act Attorney

One of the things I admire about Dawn is that because of her knowledge, she can foresee what the problems will be, and then we can always be ahead of things. With other firms, you're in the dark, but with Dawn, we've always been included. We know exactly what's going on.

Provider Client

I have recommended Dawn to countless people. She has this innate and very specialized understanding. Dawn has this ability to see things from 30,000 feet up. I can bounce strategy ideas off her or she can propose ideas that I never even would have considered.

In House Counsel

Dawn pays attention to every little detail and it’s very helpful, so you have no surprises. Many attorneys miss the little details. This is where I think Dawn is very, very good.

Investor Client

We were dealing with a ‘bet the company' audit. Dawn helped us clearly understand what they were auditing and what we needed to furnish so that we could come to a quick resolution. It helped to mitigate what could have been a real cash flow issue.

C Suite Client

I've never met anyone who knew so much about so many things. Dawn bailed us out of this issue that others were having with regulators. She got us out of it with minimal damage. We are now in the habit of consulting with Dawn before we make any moves.

Clinical Trials Client